about me

portrait photo of Michel Schneider

photo by Gert Mothes

I did my studies in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst) under Professor Astrid Klein and graduated with a diploma in 2010. My works are present in several collections like Deutscher Bundestag, Vattenfall and various private collections.

There should be something unexpected and free in every new work of mine. I interpret freedom as the exception to the rule, but also as the self-determination to make or change rules. This is why programming has become an important part of my artistic practice over the last 10 years. The algorithms I write for my art function as gatekeepers, stewards, curators, administrators, transformers, and so on.

Still, I love to draw on paper, which may always be the most direct expression for me.

It's an ongoing story.